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Welcome to AKORA KHATTAK {land of lovers}



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Welcome to Akora khattak { land of lovers}

Welcome to AKORA KHATTAK........ i am Adeel Javed and have come out to intimate some of the most ancient ruins of my beloved town AKORA KHATTAK


it is certainly wll-known to every individual tha AKORA KHATTAK has got a very rapid progress in modren times .
its vicinity is between other beatiful towns Nowshehra and Jhangera . its very easy for the people of Akora Khattak
to drive thier selves both of the towns as soon as osiblebecouse of the exellent service of transportations.
now let me intrduce you the history of Akora why it is called Akora khattak?khattak has been a nation used to live a
short drive away from this town but used to commute to it. once upon a time a person come out from his home wanted to go
somewhere else crossing this zone but unfortunately his time had come and died here, after his death the residents of .
this area very enthosiastically rescued him that he was buried and shrouded over with the relegious zeal and forver.
that person was named Akora and came from khattak's nation.after his death the village had to be named Akora khattak

Historical background

Darralu-me-haqqnia is the secound largest most famous mosque in pakistan wich has been
well-recognized in all over Asia and to the other as well.over more than 8000 students have been reciving knowledge.
ther's also a very papular library has been adopted by a very famouse poet naming Khushal khan khattak he named library
Khshal khan kaattak library many visitors come from the other parts of the countryto visit here.

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New generation of this town!
Now let see the new genertion of this town.
the new generation is fond of playing new games but the most intresting and famos that is played every day is cricket.
Akora khattak also provides stronger performance of education.the people of akora khattak is well-behaved and well-educated so that
they can behave extremly beatifullyand merely do on thier business.Akora khattak also has the facilities of ladies education.
Pray for Akora khattak

                                                long life Akora khattak